2021 Keynote Speaker: Charles Stites, Executive Director - Able Flight
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 | 6:30pm

The Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association is pleased to announce its Keynote Presenter for its 2021 ADMAInternational Annual Conference. Plan to join us for our featured presentation by Charles Stites. Mr. Stites Charles is the Founder of Able Flight and serves as its Executive Director.

A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in media production, Stites served as a corporate television writer and producer for several decades before becoming an aviation writer and photographer for U.S. and European publications.

In 2006, his work in aviation led him to see an opportunity to create a nonprofit that would make it possible for people with physical disabilities to become licensed pilots by providing full-ride scholarships, mentoring, and training, and Able Flight was born. Since then, over 75 people have become licensed through Able Flight with some earning more than one pilot certificate and rating. Able Flight pilots include people dealing with the challenge of paralysis and other conditions as well as those who are wounded and disabled veterans.

Charles is married to a recently retired high school teacher, is the father of two, and the grandfather of four.  He has been a pilot for more than forty years and flies a restored 1949 Ryan Navion.

Register today and plan to be inspired by Mr. Charles Stites and his phenomenal program, Able Flight.

VIDEO - Meet Randy Green: Born without hands or feet--Now a Professional Pilot from Able Flight.