Membership Eligibility Requirements for Active Membership in the Distributors Division

Any individual, partnership, firm, corporation or a definitely organized division or subsidiary thereof, and how is an Aviation Distributor, is eligible to become and remain an Active Member on the Distributor Division, if it fulfills and continues to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Must have been in the business of wholesale distribution of aviation lines for a minimum of three years.
  2. Must purchase at least five aviation product lines from manufacturers under formal distribution agreements.
  3. Must maintain a verifiable inventory of such aviation lines.
  4. Must have an established business selling such aviation lines to wholesale customers where “wholesale” is defined as sales to resellers and installation facilitates.
  5. Must have a registered established non-residential place of business that is staffed full-time.
  6. Must have at least one full-time salesperson.
  7. Privately owned Distributor applicants have the option to not provide ADMA with their financials. Said applicants must provide verification of financial good standing from a third-party Certified Public Accountant.
  8. Dues are based on verified financials and are only shared with the Executive Director of ADMA. ADMA Board Members and/or General Members are not privy to said financials.
  9. Prospective Distributor Members who chose not to provide financials will be assessed a dues level of $2,700 or the highest dues level at present time.
  10. Must supply reasonable and verifiable proof of the above prerequisites.
  11. Total Sales must be detailed as per Distributor Membership application

Prospective Member Attendance at ADMA Meetings

  1. Prospective members may be invited to attend ADMA meetings on a preview basis. A prospective would attend as the guest of an existing member company. The member would be responsible for the conduct of the guest during the meeting. In order to represent the value of the ADMA meeting and  the private conference format, prospectives would be welcome to participate in private conferences only if the participating companies agreed in advance.
  2. A prospective member may visit an ADMA meeting as a sponsored guest of an active ADMA Member if the following requirements are met:
a)  The prospective member meets ADMA manufacturer or distributor membership criteria.
b)  The prospective member has filled out an application form.
c)  ADMA staff has reviewed the application and given pre-qualification approval of the membership requirements.
d)  The prospective member has a sponsor for the meeting. The sponsor is responsible for the prospective member's conduct and behavior at the meeting.
e)  The prospective member would be able to attend pre-arranged ADMA meetings and functions. Attendance at private conferences would be permitted only if there were no objection by either party holding the private conference meeting. The host member must make known that his/her guest wishes to visit, prior to the ADMA private conferences, to avoid any uncomfortable situations and that the prospect may be precluded from sensitive portions of the meeting
f)  In the event a prospective member cannot find a sponsor, the ADMA staff will work with the Membership Chair to assign a host member.