Membership Eligibility Requirements for Active Membership in the Manufacturers Division

Only manufacturers of aviation parts, equipment and supplies (hereinafter described as Aviation Manufacturers) shall be eligible for Active Membership in the Manufacturers Division. Any individual, partnership, firm, corporation or definitely organized division or subsidiary thereof, is an Aviation Manufacturer and is eligible for Membership if:

1.       It operates a factory in the manufacture, remanufacture or assembly of aviation equipment or other products or materials related to the operation and maintenance or modification of aircraft or it operates a business (excluding manufacturer representatives) that designs a product for the operation and maintenance of aircraft and has that product fabricated or manufactured for its own private label.

2.       It markets or intends to market its aviation products, operation, maintenance and modification at wholesale through wholesale distributors, as defined in Section 3 of Article III of the Association By-Laws which reads: “The Manufacturers’ Division shall be composed of Manufacturers of aviation parts, equipment and supplies meeting the requirements adopted by the Board of Directors.”  A statement of intent to market its aviation products in accordance with this paragraph shall be considered to satisfy the requirement of this paragraph for a period of twelve months from the date of application for membership. Failure to effectuate that stated intention within the said twelve month period shall be considered as failure to continue to meet the Membership Eligibility Requirements stated in this paragraph.

3.       Its current assets exceed its current liabilities, as shown by its last audited balance sheet, or as verified by a Certified Public Accountant. If the applicant is a privately owned company, the applicant must provide authorized documentation from an independent auditor which verifies that the applicant’s company is in good financial standing and the dues amount to be paid to ADMA.

4.       Applicant must meet and continue to meet the ADMA eligibility requirements for the duration of their membership.

Prospective Manufacturer Member Attendance at ADMA Meetings

1.      Prospective members may be invited to attend ADMA meetings on a preview basis. A prospective would attend as the guest of an existing member company. The member would be responsible for the conduct of the guest during the meeting.  In order to represent the value of the ADMA meeting and the private conference format, prospective members would be welcome to participate in private conferences only if the participating companies agreed in advance.

2.      A prospective member may visit an ADMA meeting as a sponsored guest of an active ADMA member if the following requirements are met:

a)    The prospective member meets ADMA manufacturer or distributor membership criteria.
b)    The prospective member has filled out an application form.
c)    ADMA staff has reviewed the application and given pre-qualification approval of the membership requirements.
d)    The prospective member has a sponsor for the meeting. The sponsor is responsible for the prospective member's conduct and behavior at the meeting.
e)    The prospective member would be able to attend pre-arranged ADMA meetings and functions. Attendance at private conferences would be permitted only if there were no objection by either party holding the private conference meeting. The host member must make known that his/her quest wishes to visit, prior to the ADMA private conferences, to avoid any awkward situations and that the prospect may be precluded from sensitive portions of the meeting.
f)    In the event a prospective member cannot find a sponsor, the ADMA staff will work with the Membership Chair to assign a host member.